Located on a hillside of Montjuic, MNAC is one of the largest museums in Barcelona. Its wide open spaces and large white walls surrounding lone art pieces, often recall of an artificial landscape.

To photograph this scene I tried to add some human figures that mixed in some way within the sculpture. In my first approach, although the attention of the man and the gesture of «la bailaora» created an interesting dialog, the composition resulted into a very flat image.

Thus I tried a stepback, looking to add some more people in different foregrounds. The old lady in the right margin of the second shot created a very interesting diagonal, and more sense of depth, but missed the essence of what I was looking for: an interaction between the beholder and the sculpture.

I knew that if I took one more stepback, the size of the sculpture would be a bit too small, but I gave it a chance as the place became crowded and more interaction would appear… Then a woman adopted the same gesture of «la bailaora» trying to show her performance, and at the same time, giving me the point. The white big wall backwards the masterpiece allowed me to include all the people that appear in different layers in this picture.

Patience and not giving up with the very first approach to a subject gave me the chance to take the last image, which I believe to be stronger in its meaning and composition.